A warm welcome back!

Home / A warm welcome back! - Added on 2018-03-02

Our first week after our break has come to an end and we have settled right back into the swing of things here in Foundation Building.  We welcomed 4 new students and they certainly received a warm and cozy welcome to our school.

As part of our Chinese lessons this week, Ms. Molly and the Chinese support teachershave been preparing for the Chinese Lantern Festival.  This is the final celebration for Chinese New Year. Each student decorated their own lantern with flowers, dogs and Chinese characters.

To end our week we commemorated Polar Bear Day. We wore our comfiest pyjamas into school and learnt all about the polar bears habitat and how humans are affecting the melting ice caps. Each class teacher organized an activity to bring awareness to our changing environment. We rescued animals from ice, played polar bears jumping from one ice burg to another, made frosty crafts and came up with inventive ways to help our environment. We are so happy at how our students jumped into todays activities and showed understanding for the polar bears and their changing habitat.