School Philosophy

Our purpose

Changzhou Trina International School (CZTIS) is committed to providing an international education of the highest standard, so that students can become responsible citizens of the world.

Our mission

To inspire and develop a broad-minded learning community, while addressing the individual needs of each student. CZTIS will foster a spirit of international / cultural awareness and understanding to allow students to grow to their maximum potential.

Our core values2013110713025347926.jpg

Respect, Cooperation, Tolerance & Autonomy

Our goals

Changzhou Trina International School is an inclusive school that nurtures a community feeling where the emotional, physical, creative, and intellectual needs of all children will be met within an international atmosphere while protecting the local and global environment.

To achieve their full potential, CZTIS students will:

Become independent critical thinkers, problem solvers, decision makers, effective communicators, team players, responsible risk takers, and active participants in a global society.

Acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and self-esteem to have the vision and courage to set and achieve their own goals and targets.

Share responsibility for their own development by discovering how they learn best and by acquiring good habits of learning, thus equipping them with the skills essential for success as global citizens.

Accept, embrace and celebrate cultural diversity and promote the values of respect, cooperation, tolerance, appreciating themselves and others as individuals with rights and responsibilities, independent of race, culture, gender and religion.

Our students will be provided with:

A broad, balanced and challenging curriculum with the flexibility to take advantage of the local environment and culture, reflecting the international nature of the student body.

Y1 Assembly 1Facilities and curriculum which engage students in key environmental issues including sustainability and the value of a low carbon future.

Individual attention within small classes to maximize opportunities for a variety of teaching and learning styles

An environment where close and effective partnerships between teachers, support staff, parents and school board ensure that every child admitted will benefit from the curriculum on offer.

An extra-curricular programme that offers additional opportunities to develop creativity, talents and interests.

Highly qualified and suitably experienced teachers who will inspire a lifelong love of learning by being an active member of the learning community.

A modern, purpose built, and well resourced campus with extensive facilities of the highest standards in health and safety.