Yi (Tony) Tao Academic Vice Principal – Head of Middle School

Alyson YadlinHead of Early Years / Foundation
Flag of United Kingdom

Magdi Elsayed Head of High School
Flag of the UK

Teaching Staff

Early Years

Tom Owens Pre School

Kaila Yadlin Pre School

Alyson YadlinKindergarten 1
Flag of United Kingdom

Ciara Garland Kindergarten 2

Molly WuCSL and Librarian
Flag of China

Aisling Garland ESL and Marketing

Primary & Middle School

Maria Campbell
Grade 2/3
Kavitha Gunasegaran
Grade 4/5
Max Campbell Middle School English
Marissa Zhang
Grade 6/7 Mathematics

Keith Davidson Middle School Social Studies
Flag of China

Richard Philips Grade 8 Mathematics

High School

Melissa El Sombati Business & Economics

Richard Fuoco Media Arts

James Kramer
Flag of USA

Wendy Quan Chinese
Flag of China

Alan Luo Biology

Tudor Thomas Business
Flag of China

Jake Hehir Humanities

Joy Farhat Mathematics

Richard Philips Mathematics

Goran Barbir Chemistry / Physics
Katherine Menges

Ruby Huang

Specialist Staff

May WangEarly Years / Primary Chinese
Flag of China

Bella Chao
Primary Chinese

Talia Fang
Middle School Chinese

Tina Huang Middle School ESL
Flag of China

Mandy Gu
Primary ESL

Dean Jackson Middle / High School PE

Laurence Moffat Early Years / Primary PE

Aurora Moreno Early Years / Primary / Middle School Art

Support Staff

Wendy Wang

Lynne Lu

Cynthia Wang
Pre School

Aster Yuan
Pre School

Fire Wang
Kindergarten 1

Joyce Li
Kindergarten 2

Linda Cui
Year 4
Flag of United Kingdom

Shea Xie
High School

Kimi Ding
High School