Primary and Middle Years Physical Education

All pupils at Changzhou Trina International School have two hours of PE timetabled each week to cover the some of the main areas of the British National Curriculum such as, swimming, games, athletics, and outdoor and adventurous activities. Children are encouraged and taught how to live healthy lifestyles. Alongside the PE Curriculum the children also have the opportunity to participate in numerous after school sports clubs including touch rugby, cricket, gamesIMG_2246 resized club, football, basketball, and tennis. The ECA’s that are offered to the children always consist of at least one sports club.

The main focuses of PE for this age group are fun, confidence, self-esteem, teamwork and competence. The Primary and Middle Years have a strong focus on invasion games such as Football and Basketball, in order to develop their ability to work within a team. These games also outline the importance of one’s own contribution to the success of a team. PE class is nonetheless an escape from the typical classroom setting and is mainly used to evacuate any extra energy the child may have in order to ensure easier learning once back inside the class.

Sam footballAt the end of the year, we hold a sports day which gives children the opportunity to represent their respective houses and compete in multiple fun activities. Furthermore, the majority of sports taught usually derive from some of the most common ones and enable the children to explore less well known games such as Handball, Cricket, Dodgeball, Ultimate Frisbee and Hockey.

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Middle Years Weekly PE Report

This week in PE, Middle Years students continued to improve their basketball skills. Additionally, the students explored the sports of badminton and table tennis. As you can see the students had a lot of fun while still learning the specific sports skills.

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Head of PE

Dean Jackson