Business Studies and Economics

It’s an exciting time to enroll in Business Studies and Economics at CZTIS!

Welcome to the dynamic department of Business Studies and Economics, where future leaders are developed! We aim to teach students a variety of skills that will give them a competitive edge in an ever-changing world.

Business Studies students will cover a wide range of topics such as marketing, entrepreneurship, accounting, business and staff management, finance and capital markets and international business.

Students who pursue Economics will cover both Microeconomics and Macroeconomics in detail throughout their course of studies. They will cover units such as demand and supply, market structures, economic systems, economic development, fiscal and monetary policy, taxation, capital and labour markets – just to name a few!

There is a strong focus on application of course content to the students’ lives and making all learning both relevant and relatable. Regardless of which career path a student chooses, Business Studies and Economics teaches invaluable life skills that can be put to use throughout their lives.

5 Great Reasons to Study Business Studies and Economics at CZTIS

  1. Business Studies and Economics are some of the most relevant, real life subjects – students will use their learning outside of the classroom!
  2. These subjects lead to a wide variety of highly respected university programs!
  3. Both Business Studies and Economics can lead to an abundance of exciting careers!
  4. CZTIS has a passionate, experienced and innovative department to make learning fun!
  5. Our program will help students develop the skills needed to develop SMART goals, market themselves, effectively use technology, lead teams, prepare business proposals, and manage money wisely!

If you think you have what it takes to become a leader and innovative thinker, join our courses!