Senior Years English

Our goal is to prepare students for academic success at English-speaking colleges and universities. To that end, students in 11th grade will take English Language and Composition, a course very similar to what American students take in high school to prepare them for college. This English course is designed to focus on two critical college-level skills: academic reading (language) and essay writing (composition).

The language component of the course will give students the opportunity to develop their critical reading skills. We will focus on many forms of literature, from short stories to dramas to classic novels, in order for students to understand and evaluate plot, character development, conflict, setting, theme, and point-of-view. Reading and discussing literature allows students learn new vocabulary through cultural contexts, and this is an incredibly valuable skill for international students to bring to an English-speaking college campus.

The second part of the course will focus on academic writing. The 10th grade English course introduced students to paragraph writing, with a special emphasis on developing topic, supporting, and concluding sentences. In 11th grade, we will build on these paragraph skills and learn how to construct five-paragraph essays, culminating in an academic research paper by the end of the course. Similar to the academic reading skills that will be taught in the first half of the year, academic essay writing is an absolutely vital skill for college success.