Physical Education

CZTIS PE and Sport 2016/17

From our Pre-Nursery year right through to our Year 12, all students benefit from lessons delivered by specialist PE teachers. The CZTIS PE curriculum follows the English Cambridge Curriculum from our Key Stage 1 onwards (Reception Year). Consequently, over the course of a year this gives the children an opportunity to try out a range of 10 different activities from invasion games, net and wall games, striking and fielding games, athletics, outdoor and adventurous activities, health related fitness, and swimming.

In addition to the PE curriculum, all students have opportunities to take part in competitive sport through the House system and the Extra-Curricular Activities (ECA) programme. There are also opportunities to represent the school in local and regional tournaments. Curriculum activities have been chosen to complement our extensive ECA programme, encouraging the children to try out new sports, as well as to pursue excellence in their chosen field.

A Great Year of PE and Sport indeed.

Head of PE

Dean Jackson