Senior Years Social Studies

Our history courses are designed to teach students how to make inferences, how to compare and contrast events over time, how to understand cause and effect relationships, and how to critically analyze people, places, events, and ideas from our past. These key skills are aligned with the reading standards for literacy in History/Social Studies, grades 6-12, as outlined in the California Common Core State Standards. We study history in order to gain an appreciation for how our societies have grown and changed, and we want our students to value the role that they play in our society today.

10th grade students have World History and discuss the contributions of ancient and classical civilizations to modern-day cultures around the world. Our textbook makes excellent use of geography as an instrument to support the teaching and learning of history, and this emphasis on geography has allowed our students to develop skills in map interpretation. In addition, students are given many opportunities to develop and refine their vocabulary with audio and video resources. Outlining, note-taking, and listening skills are also emphasized throughout the course.

11th grade students participate in our United States History course. These students will have an incredible opportunity to use learning materials directly from a U.S. History course at a top university in America. Active engagement with these resources will not only provide students with valuable historical content, but will also introduce them to modern educational trends in online learning and will give learners an understanding of the academic rigor of a university course. This course also utilizes Advanced Placement (AP) US History materials and therefore challenges students to apply their academic reading and writing skills to topics in American History.