Amazing Chinese New Year Assembly in CZTIS!

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Yesterday, our students had the most amazing time with the celebration of the Chinese New Year of the Dog in CZTIS, specially the youngest ones.

-Chris-grade1: It was very good and very beautiful, and the food was so yummy!

-Costa-grade1: It was very nice and I was very impressed with the show. I liked the dragon show.

-Eric-grade1: so many people! It was beautiful and I had a lot of fun.

The assembly started in the morning with the fantastic Foundation performances, followed by Primary  Grade 1 drama “Feigning Illness”, Grades 2&3 song “A Song for Mom”, Grades 4&5 song “Edelweiss”. The show continued with Middle School performances, where everyone could enjoy the talent of Lily-grade7 guzhensolo accompanied by Mr Jackson at the piano of the song “Big Fish”; and grades 6,7&8 sang the song “Jasmine” that started with a beautiful solo by Kitty-grade6 at the guzhen. Parents and students were impressed by how talented our students from different grades are, from Nursery till Grade 8!

The day didn’t end there. Foundation students delighted us with the cutest fashion show in Changzhou, and High School students joined us for the final show. The artist Xiaofeng Wang from the group Hai Di Lao surprised everybody with the Sichuan Opera act of Changing Faces, and the group Ming Yang performed the Lion Dance. What a day!

But we still had more… Primary and Middle School students enjoyed an afternoon full of games, crafts, live sweets making, ink painting, clay figures, and more, thanks to the traditional artisans and artists invited to our school. Thanks to High School Student Council for organizing dumpling making at the party.

Special thanks to Ms Bella and Ms Marissa for organizing this day for our Primary and Middle School students. Mr Jackson, Ms May and Ms Talia for preparing the performances, Ms Aurora for all the decorations, and every teacher in school for helping and make this incredible day happen for our students.