Campus Life

Photo Gallery
Come and take a look at pictures of the school’s campus, events and activities.
School Day
Click here for a detailed description of what the average school day consists of. Furthermore, a mock-up timetable displaying which core subjects are studied is available.
Health Safety
Our children‟s safety and wellness is of primary importance to us. Regular daily attendance at school is expected, but we understand that sometimes absence is unavoidable due to illness. We do want to take precautions to ensure that we do not spread any illness in school… read more
School Rules
Although what follows seems like a long list of DO’s and DON’TS, in fact much of it is common sense: care for yourself and your property, consideration for others, their property and the school…read more
School Calendar
Click here for all the important school dates (first and last days of term, school holidays, events…)
House System
Our house system is a way of organising the school into four equal parts – each one made up of equal numbers of each year group and a balance of male and female students. On entry to the school each child will be allocated a house and members of the same family will be placed in the same house. This creates smaller “family” units within the school…read more