Health & Safety

Our children’s safety and wellness is of primary importance to us. Regular daily attendance at school is expected, but we understand that sometimes absence is unavoidable due to illness. We do want to take precautions to ensure that we do not spread any illness in school. Therefore, if your child is showing symptoms of an illness or is running a fever, then we do ask that parents keep the child off school. Parents should keep the child off school for between 24-48 hours after the symptoms have cleared.

Temperature Testing (Foundation Building)
We will conduct temperature testing for all pupils and adults on entry to the school buildings. A non-invasive digital thermometer will be used to give a near-instant body temperature reading. Any person who records a high temperature will be re-tested. If the abnormal temperature continues then we will keep the child isolated in the waiting room and contact parents and request that they collect their child.

Medicines will only be given in school under special circumstances and must be clearly labeled with your child’s name and the required dosage and frequency. Such medication should be brought to School Nurse, where you will be asked to sign this Consent Form and to confirm the details. In the unlikely event that a more serious accident occurs at school, parents will be telephoned to inform them of the accident and if deemed necessary, they will be asked to meet the child and the appropriate staff member at an international health clinic of the family’s choosing. In the event that a parent cannot be reached, the school will take the child directly to the nearest English speaking hospital. Payment is the responsibility of the parent. Please advise the school of any medical problems your child may have, including allergies to  materials or food. The health information should be completed as part of the student application, and updated in the event that there are any changes to your child’s health.

Health Emergencies
In the event of a regional or national health emergency, the school will take every precaution to make sure all children are safe and all parents are fully aware of any health procedures or changes in school procedures.

We have a “smoke free” policy in school. Smoking is not permitted inside the school building or anywhere within the school grounds.

Complaints and Suggestions
For any complaints and suggestions, please complete and hand in the Complaints/Suggestion Form to the school receptionist or you can contact us via email at

In order to keep the children in good health, we do not allow outside play on days where the Air Quality Index is superior to 150. If the AQI is above 250, there is no physical exercise at all.