House System

What is a house system?

Our house system is a way of organising the school into four equal parts – each one made up of equal numbers of each year group and a balance of male and female students. On entry to the school each child will be allocated a house and members of the same family will be placed in the same house. This creates smaller “family” units within the school.

The house system has two distinct parts:

  • A merit scheme whereby children gain merit points related to the display of positive social behaviour, manners and academic achievement.
  • Internal competitions such as inter-house competitions, Sports Day and Swimming Gala.


What will the pupils get from the house system?

House System

Our hope is that as a result of the house system, children will get:

  • More involved in extra-curricular activities.
  • Increased aspirations through academic competition.
  • Increased involvement in sport.
  • Quality pastoral care in a family atmosphere.
  • A distinct set of values and characteristics from their house which will help them to form strong personal values.
  • A stronger voice in decision-making across the school.


What are the names of the houses?

Fire (Red)
Air (Yellow)
Earth (Green)
Water (Blue)


House competition

Students earn merit points throughout the year and these are collated on a regular basis. These individual merit points are added to the totals of their particular house and at the end of the year, the winning house is presented with a trophy during the School Review Ceremony.