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Book Fair

On Wednesday 17 and 18 September, the Obido Reading Club Book Fair was held at CZTIS with the aim of raising the profile of reading in our school. The fair gave children the chance to explore a wide range of age and level appropriate literature and choose books that sparked […]


The New School Year

Our new semester began at 8 o’clock on August 19. Walking into our school, you can see beautifully decorated classrooms, and a bright and spacious teaching environment. What’s more, you can meet kindhearted and energetic teachers from different countries. Our new semester will be productive and full of energy. Mr. […]


Treasure Hunt

When Trina arrived at Hong Mei Park, our students didn’t know what they were in for; heavy rains, muddy terrain, and challenging puzzles.Year 3, 4’s headed out to the park with one clue, a trundle wheel, a compasses,and their skills learnt from our IPCunit on ‘Explorers & Adventurers’. Their map […]