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Changwai Bilingual School (CBS) is located in Xinbei district, adjacent to the Changzhou Foreign Languages School. The school boasts a fantastic location. In close proximity to the Shanghai-Chengdu Expressway and the Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway, it is highly accessible. The school aims to provide an excellent international education for both outstanding domestic students and expat students.

CBS builds on the strengths of Changzhou Foreign Languages School. It is supported by Changzhou Foreign Languages School’s advanced educational philosophy, core management team, experience in school operations and high quality educational resources. The bilingual school, which features curriculum integration under the International Baccalaureate framework, will be the first international school in Changzhou to offer a 15-year curriculum from kindergarten to high school. With a view to becoming a modern international school which will have an impact in Changzhou and its neighboring cities, the bilingual school strives to meet students’ individuality and developmental needs and to leverage the benefits of Chinese and Western educational systems.

Our Goal
Cultivating outstanding citizens of the future world with respect for their own national identity, an international vision and modern skills.

Our Mission
To exist and prepare for discovering the meaning of life.

Our Vision
To dedicate ourselves to a vibrant education and let every life thrive.
Our Advantages

 Brand input: Changzhou Foreign Languages School is responsible for the education and management of the affiliated bilingual school.

 Curriculum features: Implementation of curriculum integration under the IB framework. To achieve the integration of Chinese and Western education, the full proficiency in both Chinese and English, and the enrichment of learning experiences for individual development and service to society.

 Teaching arrangements: Small class, where Chinese and foreign teachers work together on the evaluation of the learning process, and the reporting and sharing of learning outcomes.

 Teachers: Teachers must undergo a stringent selection process and meet high standards. All Chinese teachers are capable of teaching in both languages.

 Education Pathways: There are multiple options for further studies which cater to the student’s personality, interest and learning ability.

 Facilities: There is sufficient space for the implementation of learning and activities, and the building blocks of the school are modern. Teaching facilities are state-of-the-art.

Education Pathway 
The school features a fifteen-year system with a seamless transition between kindergarten,primary school,middle school and high school,and has multiple options for further studies.
Our Curriculum
Educational activities and games greatly promote the development of concepts, knowledge and skills.

Independently taught courses, units of inquiry, courses tapping into learners’ potential, and courses promoting individuality.

Eight disciplines taught independently, integrated courses and enrichment courses.

Academic subjects, three core elements.