Chinese Festivities in Foundation

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It was a busy week in Foundation Building with three Chinese festivals to celebrate! Our Chinese members of the team organised an activity for every class from Wednesday to educate the students on the Chinese culture and language.

Mid-Autumn Festival

Our festivities started on Wednesday for Mid-Autumn Festival.  Nursery class recreated their own osmanthus tree using popcorn! Our Pre School classes heard the Tale of Ms. Moon and made traditional Chinese lanterns. Kindergarten 1 made adorable little rabbits after hearing the Story of Jade Rabbit while Kindergarten 2 learned the national anthem and made Chinese flags.

Confucius Birthday

Confucius is known as the greatest educator in ancient China so it was great to incorporate his birthday into our week of events. Our Nursery and Pre School classes recreated a traditional school building while our Kindergarten 1 and Kindergarten 2 classes practiced calligraphy and made their very own traditional students hat.

National Day

For our final day of festivities we celebrated all things China! Nursery made a birthday cake for the country and Pre School learned all about Tianamen through songKindergarten 1 practiced and a traditional parade march and, to finish off, Kindergarten 2 made hand-made moon cakes.

It was a great week for our students and staff, especially our Chinese staff who prepared our activities. Take a look back at our week with the photos below!