Imaginations Running Wild

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Last week ended with a visit to Mewe Castle where the students of Foundation Building were immersed in a world of imagination, creativity and adventure! Mewe Castle is an interactive environment for children where they can engage in role-play as firemen, policemen and even pirates! During the days before, both students and staff, had been looking forward to this adventure and it did not disappoint.

Each class was able to experience four themed rooms during the day. They ranged from exciting to outright crazy! In the Police Station, we were sworn into the force before accepting our first case. We helped to catch the Mewe Castle thief. In the Tribal Bank, we learnt how to use an abacus. We sailed the high seas to find a sunken pirate ship and buried treasure. As firefighters, we slid down a firefighters pole towards an emergency and as doctors we cared for a nursery full of newborn babies. The rock climbing area gave us a chance to go nuts…and bury Ms. Alyson in foam!

We headed back to school to celebrate a birthday and relaxed before going home for the weekend. Mewe Castle is a Foundation favourite and we will certainly be back.  Take a look at some of the many photos from the day.