It’s a Dog’s Life – Foundation’s Festivities This Week

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This week we are celebrating some very exciting events in Foundation Building. Our Chinese staff has been working for weeks to organize an assembly and activities. On our last day, we also reached the milestone of 100 days of school!

Spring Festival Activities

On Monday morning, the Chinese staff had organized exciting Year of the Dog activities for all the students to try! Each class moved from room to room to learn about Spring Festival. We made some Spring Festival decorations, heard a Chinese story from Ms. Coco and had a blast crafting our own fireworks. The children also worked together to make some amazing display boards.

Spring Festival Assembly

Yesterday, all of Foundation, Primary and Middle School assembled in the Foundation Auditorium to celebrate Year of the Dog with the teachers and parents. We saw a variety of songs, dances, poems and even comedy sketches!After some snacks, our parents were treated to a fashion show of all the students in traditional Chinese clothing. Our students them became the audience and loved seeing the face changing, clown and lion dance performances.

100 Days of School

To end our week, we marked a very special day in school. We have completed 100 days of school at CZTIS! Our students have been counting the days until they could celebrate with lots of 100 themed activities. We set up stations in the Foundation Auditorium where the students completed ten different tasks based on the number 100.

What a great way to end the term. We hope everyone has a lovely Spring Festival and we will see you in the New Year!