Laying Trails and Building Fires at Forest School

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Once a month in Foundation Building, we take all our students for an adventurous and active day out of forest schooling. Today we went on our October outing to the park. Using the theme of the fairytale, Hansel and Gretel, our students were immersed in a world of witches, candy houses and dragon sneezes!

As this is our second forest school of the year and many of our students are familiar with forest school from last year, everyone knew that when we arrive at the forest, it is time to explore. We stopped for snack time and a reading of Hansel and Gretel by Ms. Garland.

Using Hansel and Gretel as our theme of the day, we had created a trail for the children to follow all the way to base camp. The children voyaged off the beaten track to follow the trail to our base camp that we would call home for the day.  The highlight of the day was our fire building activity! Our Kindergarten 1 and 2 classes created ‘dragon sneezes’ using fire lighters and after, all our classes built the witches house using materials found in the forest.

The most important part of forest school is it’s continued practice so our students continue to gain practical life skills and confidence. We can’t wait for next months adventure!