Premiere Christmas performance

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Last Friday, the Primary and Middle School were invited to our premiere Christmas show in the Marriott Hotel.

In order to prepare for this amazing musical show, we rehearsed for a long time with the teachers, parents and students’ support. Special thanks to Mr Jackson, for coordinating and rehearsing the songs with our talented students.  The music show was a great success with great applause from the audience.

The Christmas show was diversified with various performing elements. Grade 4 and 5 students performed a dance to “walking around the Christmas tree”. While grade 2 and 3 performed the catchy Christmas carol “I will be home for Christmas” Finally everyone sang, “We wish you are Merry Christmas”.

We would also like to thank Mr Phillips for keeping the students entertained by playing charades before the performance. During the Christmas show, the hotel treated us to a delicious buffet and Christmas gifts.All of us had a wonderful and memorable night.