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Dear students, teachers, staff, and all members of the CZTIS community,

We are the student council of Changzhou Trina International School, which was established in October 2016 and has been led by the students and supervised by the teachers. The purpose of the student council is to solve concerns and issues for the students and teachers, in addition to undertaking initiatives benefiting the school and the broader community by carrying out activities, events and projects. In order to get the job done effectively and efficiently, the student council has a weekly meeting every Wednesday, and holds a Monday morning assembly every week to inform students and staff about recent and upcoming events as well as making general school news announcements. We also announce and celebrate the birthdays of students and staff that week and announce the weekly queen or king of the queue.

We have launched many events to promote both the development of the school and the welfare of our students. To begin with, we have already organized several cultural activities within the school this year. For example, we hosted a Christmas party, which everybody in the high school participated in and enjoyed. We set up some fun games for both the students and teachers. We also showed a Christmas movie and provided snacks for the audience. Many of the students and teachers said they loved the Christmas decorations for the school and the party. We also set up dumpling and Chinese calligraphy stations for the Chinese New Year event. All members of CZTIS, from primary school to the high school, participated in this event, and in celebration of Chinese culture.

Here at CZTIS, many of our students love cooking and love eating delicious food; we are a real community of foodies. Therefore, the student council hosted a baking competition for students to showcase their talents. They all enjoyed the process of baking and felt a sense of achievement from the delicious cakes they made. What’s more, almost all of them looked like they came from a professional bakery, and many of the other students and teachers were amazed by how delicious the cakes tasted and how beautifully they were decorated.

We also launched some academic activities, such as the Jeopardy games for grades 12, 11, 10 and 9. In this competition, there are four to five groups made up of two to four team members. Each group chooses one question from different categories with a point value corresponding to the difficulty of the question. The team with the most points earned in the end wins. During the game, both the participants and the audience get very excited, and everyone, not just the contestants, are always eager to solve the problems or figure out the answers.

Moreover, the student council has been arranging fund-raising events for different charities. So far, we have organized some spirit days such as crazy day and pajama day to help fund raise some money for charity. Anyone who wanted to participate paid 10 RMB to dress out of uniform in either his or her craziest outfit or a pair of pajamas. Even the teachers got in on the fun. During one of our other successful fundraising campaigns, we sold popcorn to students and staff before the start of our April holiday. The money we collected from students and teachers was separated into to two funds. One half of the money raised goes back into the student council to use for school activities such as purchasing awards for the students. The rest of the money raised goes to charities such as a charity for street cats and dogs, called “The Home of Stray Pets in Changzhou.”

That’s just some of the things student council has done so far but there’s still more we hope to do before the year is done. We have also organized an art recycling competition to encourage students to be more conscious of environmental issues, as well as giving students a chance to be innovative and creative. Apart from that, the student council has also helped organize Sports. We are all ecstatic about our upcoming events and hope you are too!

All in all, the student council aims to help the entire CZTIS community and our community at large by coordinating games, carrying out special events and fundraisers. Everything we do, we do with the hope of providing a better learning environment and fun environment for students and staff. As your student council, we hope that all of our endeavors have made you, the students, teachers, and staff of CZTIS, enjoy life better here at school. Nevertheless, it also has been an enriching experience for all of us on student council. Thank you for your participation, enthusiasm, and support. We are so happy, proud, and humbled to be the student chosen leaders of CZTIS and we hope you all are as proud of us as we are of you.


Your CZTIS Student Council of 2017-2018

Written by Nina Zhao on behalf of all Student Council Members