Woodland Wonder

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Another month, another forest school! November brought the chilly weather but, wearing the correct clothing, we were ready to face the outdoors. This month’s theme for forest school was animal habitats.

We began our trip with a story – Hedgehog Howdedo, an adorable story of hedgehogs hibernating in the winter. This introduced the children to hedgehog habitats, both manmade and natural.

We set a task for our Nursery and Pre School classes; to make their own hedgehogs from natural materials found in the surrounding area. Our Kindergarten 1 and kindergarten 2 classes went exploring for natural animal habitats. Before lunch we all created some habitats for the woodland animals that live nearby.

After some well deserved free play, we finished the day exploring the topic of man made materials and the impact it has on the animals that live around us. We all went searching for any rubbish that could be dangerous to animals and disposed of it safely.